A new wave of collectibles is about to hit the blockchain.

The Airstronaut nft collection is a 8000+ super-hero squad on the xrp ledger built to fight and end the invasion of the baddo clan. Join the new super-hero squad on mint day. Characterised by bold lighting, pixelated schemes and spacelike costumes, these generative Airstronauts are the addition to your NFT collection you’ve been waiting for.

The Airstronaut NFT Background Story

The Airstronaut is a super- hero who turned his father's tech invention to a body armoured space suit to defend his Nation from an alien invader (Baddo)

The Baddo Clan

Baddo is a clan of con-joined creature from outta space who invaded earth searching for who knows what at the expense of our beloved cities.

The Fight Back

Fighting these bad guys from outta space can't simply be done by one man: so we made over 8000 more suits for the beloved country men and women who are ready to fight off our common enemy.

The New SuperHero League

The Airstronauts are made up of brave country men and women from different backgrounds including military, aviation, banking and tech. Surprisingly, some aliens amongst us on asylum who came to Earth seeking refuge against been killed by Baddo have now been induction into the Airstronaut league of superheroes. Get ready for the spectacle of the Airstronauts.

Our Roadmap

Phase 1

8000 NFT Drop for the XRPL Community

Phase 2

10000 XGOLDMAN Release for Holders and XRPL Community

Phase 3

Merch for Airstronaut Holders

Phase 4

More Freebies for Airstronaut Holders

Our Team





With a shared passion for superheroes, innovation, and the power of the XRP Ledger, our team is committed to battling the baddo clan and delivering an unforgettable mint day. From bold lighting to pixelated schemes and spacelike costumes, our generative Airstronauts are the perfect addition to your NFT collection. Join us and meet the extraordinary minds behind our super-hero squad.